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IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

words~ language~ vibration

We learn so much about ourselves through our words.
Words are one aspect of creation, our personal creation.
As we observe, we may find the same words rolling around in our consciousness over and over, these can be considered patterns.

There will be emotion that is present with the words, and memories created, stored in past experience.
Simultaneously become aware of ALL three aspects and LOVE and FORGIVE until they no longer exist.
This is transmutation.
Becoming aware of one aspect only and attempting to not 'do' that anymore, is manipulation that leads to suppression.

Trying not to feel a particular emotion, or not saying certain words, or trying to forget a past experience does not mean that they do not exist. These things exist vibrationally and are helping to create our experience.
In other words, it will be there for us when we make the effort to bring the three aspects of our personal creation together and release it from the ethers with the power of love and forgiveness.