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IAO Valley Maui
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

I could write a book of my experiences with gurus, teachers, students, helpers, masters, disciples.....
This is such an interesting topic.
We require assistance along the path of spiritual awakening, yet we give and receive at our level of mastery.
Sexual energy and money have held a tremendous amount of resistance patterns/agendas.
I've seen many forms of 'spiritual show', that is a covert way to attract people either for sex or money.
Sometimes the ego just wants to engage in spiritual dialogue, pushing further awakening out of present possibility.
One of the messages I hold, is the dependent pattern humanity has carried spiritually is being released so each soul may traverse their own path of mastery.
This is tricky since we all require assistance along the way....the key is to accept when appropriate, and move forward not creating dependancy.
All spiritual beings who do not have personal agendas give and receive without expectation.
This is spiritual flow.
Spiritual unfoldment is from the inside out, so anything external is but our own creation...
rejoice in it, for it is Holy.