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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Paramahansa Yogananda

My Guru - Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri

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Friday, December 28, 2012

In dreams last night, I saw the electromagnetic geography of every living thing as an important interconneted whole on Earth...there is so much more going on than we perceive~

may the skies be without chemtrails~ let nature be~~


Friday, December 21, 2012

Blessed Solstice of 2012~~~
A Day IN Creation when Earth  IS Conscious ~~~
and continues to BE SO~~~~

I align myself with the Earth and ALL Earth's inhabitants....in Divine Harmony~~~

May Love BE our Guide~~~~NOW/ALWAYS~~~

Friday, December 07, 2012

Expressing JOY is a side effect of gratitude~

Thursday, December 06, 2012

When one Is WILLING, according to the ever transmuting transforming emotional body within the human experience: ONE IS READY~~ ready for what?? the ever changing upward movement (ascension) of consciousness.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Room AT The Inn

The Inn is the space in consciousess around the 'heart'.
It represents willingness.
The place where we see, hear, feel on many levels.
The place where judgement is seen, felt, heard and released.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Charging/not charging for my work has been an interesting process over the years. Teachers have told me " if you don't charge, they won't appreciate...we are still living in a world where dollar amounts equals value"..Ok I get that, but are we examples of the unification we keep hearing so much about?
I have always been happiest when I offered my services by donation, and given freely.
I have always been well provided.
So, with that said, I continue to travel teach and serve to the best of my ability in exchange for whatever the recipient is willing and able to give.
May ALL beings be well fed, in good shelter, happy and healthy on this planet Earth.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Detox and Regeneration Weekend with Illia~
Petrolia Ontario Canada
November 30, December 1,2
Info and Regeister E-mail illaheart@yahoo.ca

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love because you can....

Friday, October 12, 2012

PEACE stands alone...independent of an opposite..no need for opposition~

Friday, October 05, 2012

~~~~Seeming Paradox~~~~
To observe disharmony, lovingly and willingly (without the need to change it) WHILE Enthusiastically holding potential possibilities IN Harmony~~~

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Graceful Transition~
YouTube~ Series 2012~

 Age of Pisces Into Aquarius~~

This is an energetic upgrade, an ascension of consciousness.

A frequency expansion that our human bodies adjust into Being.

I use the Holistic construct of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as a template from which to expand.

Resensitize the Body, Release accumulated Emotion, Remember Mind in Creative Harmony, Encompass/Spiritualize ALL~

$55 Online~ 2012
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Illia Heart

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Love, Illia~~~

Sunday, August 05, 2012

On February 7, 1994, Hicks authored a verse on his perspective, wishes, and thanks of his life, to be released after his death as his "last word",[37] ending with the words:
"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit."
by Bill Hicks!!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I was going to write of this today...then I looked at my e-mails....thanks Tom!!

Duality and the Triune Force

A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon

You live in a dualistic universe. This is its very nature. It manifests as the principle of opposites in that forces tend to have equal and opposite reactions. This applies to the physics of your universe and to the very nature of dualistic consciousness itself.

This dualistic nature of your universe is being affected by the Time Acceleration that you are going through. One net result of this is an increase in duality or the polarization of human consciousness.

Polarized conflicts between nations, communities, religions and persons are on the rise. This unfortunate state of affairs is to be expected as planetary and galactic energetics increase.

Our message deals with a strategy for navigating through the difficulties of increased polarization. Indeed you may have already discovered that in some of your social circles there is a type of hostility and polarized views of situations.

The strategy we suggest is called the Triune Force.

It is an attribute of spiritual mastery and will allow you to move through polarization with greater efficiency and a greater likelihood of manifesting what you desire as opposed to being “caught up” in the dramas of polarization and conflict.

The principle is simple. As a human being you tend to be attracted to persons or situations, or you are repulsed by them. This tendency to fall into attraction or repulsion is, for the most part, an unconscious act.

You may encounter someone and feel drawn to him or her, and the depth or intensity of the attraction may cause you to delete other information about the person. Likewise as situations arise around you, whether they be social, political or religious, you may likewise find yourself drawn to these situations without other information that would be helpful in determining if a given situation was “right” for you or not.

The same holds true for repulsion. You may find yourself repulsed by someone, or a situation, and likewise, identify with the repulsion, thereby cutting yourself off from other information that might be helpful.

The Triune Force

If you were to imagine a triangle and on the left corner of the triangle was attraction and on the right side of the triangle was repulsion, then the point above these two extremes is the Triune Force.

It is a mental perspective that has spiritual attributes. It allows you to float above the situation and view it from multiple perspectives.

If, for instance, you are attracted to a person and surrender to that attraction without allowing access to signs and information about that person then you have put yourself in a precarious position.

But by not identifying with the attraction you “float up” to the Triune Force and are free to observe behaviors that may signal the inappropriateness or dangerous nature of a relationship with that person.

Likewise, if you are repulsed by a person or situation the Triune Force allows you to “float above” and dis-identify with the repulsion, and while you are in this dis-identification you are free to see other levels involved. It could be that this person or situation is toxic to you, or it could be that this person or situation is a mirror reflecting back to you something you do not like in yourself.

By momentarily suspending your identification with either attraction or repulsion you are able to see more clearly and access information about the person or situation from an expanded perspective.

Knowledge is power, and the Triune Force gives you access to the innate powers of clarity. So our suggestion in this time of increased human polarization and Time Acceleration is to watch yourself. When you fall into attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float up above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship, whether it be with a person or a situation, with open eyes.

If you are repulsed by a person or a situation, pause for a moment and dis-identify with your distaste for the person or situation. Float above the situation or person, as it were, and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply—to sense with greater clarity—if this person or situation is toxic, or if it is a mirror for something in yourself that you need to transform.

As you enter more deeply into the polarization phase of planetary assent, the Triune Force can greatly assist you as you pass through this difficult period of increased personal, interpersonal and collective conflict.

The Hathors
July 1, 2012

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

Perception is indeed relative to the perceiver. And this relativity of perception is no more apparent, I think, than in our relationships with each other.

Furthermore, it has been my observation for some time now (i.e., the last several months or so) that the polarization of human relationships is on the rise.

There have, of course, always been differences of opinions. And conflicts between persons and nations are hardly anything new. History is strewn with incidents of ruinous and disastrous encounters between individual people, as well as between religions and cultures.

But what the Hathors are addressing here is an increase in polarized perceptions and beliefs between individuals.

It is their opinion that this disturbing increase in polarization is occurring as a result of the energetics we are all going through (i.e. the changes in our sun as well as pulses of accelerated evolution from the Central Sun of our galaxy and from deep space) and the fact that we are undergoing the extreme effects of Time Acceleration.

At the end of the session, Judi asked them how long they thought this period of increased polarization would continue. Their response was that it was difficult to pin down exact time coordinates, but their sense was that this extreme polarization of human perception would continue for at least eighteen months to two years, if not longer. And furthermore, they expected the intensity of polarization to increase, not decrease during this period. Judi also asked about the strangeness of the polarization experience and inquired if they had any further elaboration to offer. They said that part of the difficulty we humans are experiencing is the fact that the intensity of planetary and galactic energetics is so extreme, they often short-circuit cognitive processing. As a result, people can become even more erratic and irrational than usual.

If their perceptions and predictions are accurate then it would seem prudent to find some masterful way to get through such a period of increased interpersonal, cultural and religious discord.

The Triune Force

In my opinion, the idea of the Triune Force is Hathorian-simplicity at its finest.

If you tend to imagine things visually, think of a triangle. Put the force of attraction at the far left corner and the force of repulsion at the far right. The point of the triangle above the two corners is the perspective of the Triune Force. Through this perspective we can look down and see or sense things that we might not see or sense when we are caught up in the throws of attraction or repulsion.

The triangle is just a metaphor, of course. What you are actually doing is rising up in awareness so that you are no longer enchanted by the force of attraction or the force of repulsion. From this state of non-identification with either state (attraction or repulsion) you can better sense information that might be helpful to your decision making process.

There is a shift in our thinking process required to engage the Triune Force, and that shift is simply to step away from self-identification.

Instead of rushing in and doing the normal human thing, which is to identify with our attractions or repulsions, we temporarily intervene in our own automatic responses for the purpose of gaining valuable information.

The type of information that we can access when we are in a state of non-identification is qualitatively different from the types of information that we access when we are caught up in the intensity of the moment.

In addition to stopping the process of self-identification, the Hathors suggest a shift in spatial perspective as another step to engage the Triune Force:

“When you fall into attraction, pause for a moment. Step away from your identification with the attraction. Float up above it, as it were, and engage the Triune Force. You do this so that you enter the relationship, whether it be with a person or a situation, with open eyes.

If you are repulsed by a person or a situation, pause for a moment and dis-identify with your distaste for the person or situation. Float above the situation or person, as it were, and engage the Triune Force to see more deeply—to sense with greater clarity—if this person or situation is toxic, or if it is a mirror for something in yourself that you need to transform.”

If you have developed spatial abilities you will be able to imagine yourself floating up above the situation or interaction and observe yourself being attracted or repulsed. This spatial separation of an “observer” part from the “responder” part can be quite helpful in suspending the pattern of identifying with your responses (i.e., attraction or repulsion). But if you don’t have this type of spatial ability, it will be difficult for you to do this.

If you are unable to “float above the situation or person” that you are responding to, don’t worry about it. The primary action required to engage the Triune Force is simply to stop your own process of self-identification so that you can sense new types of information about the situation or person.

To be human is to have attractions and repulsions. It is just part of the human-mammalian equation. All animals have an innate biological response that moves toward something (attraction) or away from it (repulsion). And the Hathors are not suggesting that we eliminate this type of biological response. They are simply saying that when we temporarily suspend our self-identification with those responses, doors open in consciousness (metaphorically speaking). New insights and understanding become accessible to us, and with that knowledge we can create and co-create with greater mastery.

If, however, we are caught up in the excitement of attraction or the fear of repulsion, then we often fail to see or sense “red flags” or other crucial information about the person or situation.

How many “negative” relationships and/or situations might we have all avoided had we been able to “see” those things we were blind to in the moment of intense attraction (or in some cases, repulsion)?

I think there is a personal discipline required to engage this method. And it necessitates that we avoid the emotional intoxication that takes place when we are really caught up in a strong attraction or repulsion.

And as with many aspects of our emotional lives, this is sometimes easier said than done.

But I think the emotional discipline is well worth the effort. If nothing else, it will lead us to deeper psychological insight, and this is a good thing.

In addition, however, engaging the Triune Force can help us as creators and co-creators by giving us access to higher levels of information regarding whom or what we might be contemplating a co-creation with.

I ended that last sentence, by the way, with a preposition on purpose. Prepositions establish relationships between words, just like the force of attraction or repulsion establishes a relationship between people. While some grammarians disagree about the correctness of ending a sentence with a preposition, others point out that it is sometimes necessary. Thus, it seems to me, along with many other lovers of language, that the preposition rule is actually a myth. Some myths are slow to die. In this regard, the preposition myth has been a tenacious one, guarded, as it has been, by the dogma of unyielding grammarians.

My comment here is not so much about grammar as it is about the syntax of our lives. By the syntax of our lives I mean the order and relationships of our experiences—as we hold them to be. When syntax (order) is altered in a sentence or in our lives, a gap in perception can occur and through that gap new meanings and new worlds of perception can be birthed.

Many of us have been held captive by another myth—the myth that we cannot and should not create (or re-create) our lives in the ways we desire them to be.

In this context, the Triune Force is fundamentally a method for altering the syntax (order) of both our perception and our mental/emotional lives. Through the gap (or portal) that appears when syntax is altered, we are more able to glimpse new possibilities.

Tom Kenyon

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Justification Purification Sanctification

Justification Purification
related to~
Dependence Independence

ALL experience on earth is an interplay with the emotional body. I am using an emotional construct from Tibet that has been studied and experienced by thousands involved in Body Electronics over several decades.

Some symptoms of justification include blame, projection on the outer environment, feeling as life is happening to us. This is a manifestation of the emotional body from unconsciousness, apathy and grief.

When we choose consciously to move through the emotional body we begin the purification process. Transmutation~ We begin where we are emotionally.
 49 main levels exist, 7 levels within seven levels.
Unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and enthusiasm (love).
When fear is felt enthusiastically, the real fun begins! From fear we begin to recognise we have choice.

Here with Enthusiasm/Love we embrace soul wounds and do our best to forgive and love all things. 
Enthusiasm is the Crowning Glory at the top of each emotional level within ALL 7 levels, Enthusiasm/Love being the 7th level.

Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger and Pain felt with Love/Enthusiasm SIMULTANEOUSLY moves this energy out of the physical and emotional bodies.

Upon this diligent movement through Love, we find ourselves accessing the mental body where dualism in thought forms exist.
In my experience when I moved through the emotional body and began consciously accessing the mental body, realization we are ALL interconnected engaged the natural evolution of sanctification.
What each of us do we do for the Whole, all is morphgenetically effected. This effect is in relation to conscious awareness. The less aware we are..the less power/effect we have. Perfection!!
 Awareness is ONLY possible through LOVE.
When present in the mental body and the patterns therein, the transmutaional 'laws' change.
Where in the emotional body Forgiveness and Love are the Powers of change, in the mental body the Power is of increasing Light frequency (expanded awareness).

Light frequency is seen and felt in many ways. When I first began bringing the dualities into harmonic frequency within, I engaged the Violet Fire, which I saw moving through me from the bottom up, sometimes condensed like a blow torch, sometimes in a tube of light surrounding my body and auric field.
The loving focus held increases the vibration and awareness opens further .

One of the side effects of this movement, was the increased awareness of others emotional and mental presence.

Eventually I realized to embrace the 'others' feelings and patterns, not try to change it in any way, to hold an energy of Love for myself and the other in our individual and collective process.
This is where sanctification begins.

There is no arrival, only a continuous flow of universal energy that we have the enjoyment of experiencing.

Humour and Gratitude are my best companions.

Monday, May 28, 2012

I Surrender to the Higher Aspects of Myself~
The Earth The Sun The Planets the Stars
The Beings OF Love who assist in ALL Time

As Time and Space IS experienced In Love, In
Non Resistance, a Truth resisted Truth becomes apparent.
When this does, One must be ever vigilent, ever aware to BE steadfastly willing, loving and keep our sense of Humour.

Moving Gracefully in more inclusive aspects of Light, requires a expansion of Love.

Simple yet not always easy...

Gratitude for WHAT IS, is a opening.
No matter what the WHAT IS looks like, or feels like.

Ever expanding Love, Beauty, Peace, Trust, Truth in Harmony, this IS the Stargate Qualities of the Beings of Orion's Central Sun. The Birthplace of Earth.

Blessed BE

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remembering~ Honouring
ALL Body Electronics Instructors

If one made it through to be a B.E. Instructor it means to have made it through the flow sheet into Cranial Electronics.

From here we get to choose a V&C if we are so Blessed~

Those of us who have chosen to commit to such a degree, I bow in Gratitude~

The Berlin wall came down when one of us managed to traverse the TSCW...we know who we are....
no need for fan fare~ no, but thanks!

In Honour In Love In Gratitude

Thankyou John where ever You Are~

Physical law precedes Emotional law, which precedes mental law. Mental law precedes Spiritual law.
In this way we navigate through our own creations leaving no stone unturned.

 Healing occurs when thought, emotion and corresponding words are brought to Love.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012


The Holy Vessel

All memory.....all possibility is Present
within the Body.

From here we may choose to change...recycle the Energy stored in the Body.

To begin, allow the Body to Lighten by obeying physical law.

 Water is the first consideration.
Spring water...entrained with Grander living water, drinking 1/2 the body's weight
in ounces daily.

Be Still

Breath deep and even without pause~

Eat nourishing food in Joy~

Be in Nature

Love Our Body


All Creation/Uncreation occurs from the inside out~


The inner creative aspect may be termed Yang...consciousness in creation.
Here in this third dimensional reality, we create from the top down..in a holistic construct.
Spirit..into Mind...into Emotion...into Body.
the Yin aspect of reflection allows us to view our creations.
In a conscious unfoldment we may term 'healing crisis' we begin to choose to uncreate. This is accessed in reverse order to how we created...thus body to emotion, emotion to mind....eventually making our way with tremendous perseverence to the Perfection...we may term Heart...or Unified Consciousness.
This Unity exists always...IS always within...each and everyONE.

The Holy Vessel

An ongoing collaboration of
Ayande's Art and Illia's Words.....we call

                    "Light Blessings"
   Lovingly and Willingly endure ALL things...

             Body Electronics Principle~

    Whatever...whomever....however...we find in our environment....we may rest assured we brought it there...with the creative powers called Body (all of the elements working in unity), fueled with Emotion....chosen by Mind (consciously, unconsciously and/or everything in between), through the grace of Spirit....hence all things come.

So we have created our environment.
Individually and collectively through genetics, beliefs, desires....myriads of programming....
we may term 'resistance'.

What is resistance?
Anything less than Love...pure unconditional LOVE.

By experiencing our creations lovingly and willingly we allow the beginnings...of UNCREATION.

As All that is not in resonance with Love, and all the Divine Qualities that Love encompasses...melts back into the void as recycled energy.

What is left IS and ever WILL BE...LOVE...in the everpresent NOW~

 Lovingly and Willingly Endure ALL things~

Light is allowed when duality IS Unified~


Friday, January 13, 2012

Triggers are resistance brought to our attention through the emotional body.
They may be reflected as the identification of exactly what we hold or the opposite of our held identification.
Example if we are identified with peace...we hold the resistance to war, in which thus we hold this duality in a state of creation. When we release resistance to both war and peace, through Love...we allow the natural flow...Harmony.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Day 14 of the Fast...
Thankful for the resident pointholder...Zach..as this is so important to move energies as they arise...

Super sensitive~

Monday, January 09, 2012

On December 29, 2011 I felt to fast bringing in 2012.

I am now on day 12...here is what I have been doing~

upon rising....liquid minerals and grapefruit juice....probiotics.....superfood enzymes...

through out day total of 12-14 oz minerals..
at about 4 pm.....changing to water....drinking approx. 1/2 body weight in oz.

lymphatic enzymes....daily and at bedtime

probiotics at bedtime

I have been ingesting coloidal gold...and monotomic gold..for several years...
during this fast i have been taking gold every couple of hours.
This has facilitated the healing crisis, keeping the energy enthusiastically moving.

daily bath soak in quality salt.....sometimes with baking soda..and sometimes with bear root ~

I AM in Gratitude~

I broke the fast on January 18...
Feeling lighter.....still in healing crisis on Jan.23, drinking lots of beautiful water in Sedona.....walking on Thunder....and giving Thanks~

Saturday, January 07, 2012

the overlap when frequency shifts....

ride the Paradox....in Higher and Higher Light

Monday, January 02, 2012

      Fifty Five
Frequency of Love

Art Creation of Ayande

Sunday, January 01, 2012


Golden Love