IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lake Huron Sunset

Monday, September 27, 2010


This summer in the yard....

Sunday, September 26, 2010

There is time to prepare for the Body Electronics Pointholding Event, being held October 22-25
in Petrolia ON Canada
e-mail bodyelectronics1@yahoo.ca for registration details~

Friday, September 24, 2010

Conscious Sacred relationship~
By relationship I am speaking of the feminine/masculine intimite relationship.

When two people have transmuted/cleared and hold that clarity in their emotional and mental bodies...to see the light of day .....so to speak,
then they may choose to hold the intent of sharing with another.
Prior to this, the relationship intent can hold the process of triggering one another for the purpose of bringing resistance to the surface to be dealt with. Compassion for one another is key in this situation.
We can choose to change the intent which of course directly changes the outcome.

So we've 'done our work', and now have some mastery in the emotional/mental bodies.
Sexual energy and Kundalini run freely.
Then when two people come together and connect and combine their energies, the world is changed by their Love.

There is alot of talk of Goddess now.
Let's first define.
A Goddess (here on this planet), is a being who has previously ascended, and has now decended for a specific purpose/mission for the assisiance of ALL here on planet Earth....from the precious rocks, plants, ALL that IS.
There is also alot of talk within spiritual circles regarding service to the Goddess (as an outward expression).

A Goddess does not require 'service', nor does she demand it.
The Goddess is here to serve/teach, so humanity can Realize the powerful Beings they ARE.
The Truth that comes through ALL Goddesses, is the same although the presentation may differ.
Yes, this is a time in our evolution, where evolution ceases.
Evolution is a slow, natural process...where we learn and grow.
When ripeness is present we receive assistance from Beings who have mastered the ascension process.
All is perfect, all is Divine.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Ever Present Now~
This IS
At what awareness of this do we vibrate?

The Ghost Dance speaks of 'seeing' the Ancestors...this is done through Elk Medicine-LOVE

The Fire is lit...

In the ever present Now uncreation/creation exists as past present and future flow into ONE stream....All Possibility
Anchoring the Ever present Now in these bodies is the challenge and the reward.
Recognizing and releasing resistance (anything less than love, this also can be called denial) is working from the bottom up,
Body Electronics ~Light anchored~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Words can lead to Freedom when Transmuted!
Emotional quality...pattern...see what is 'behind' the words...then LOVE it to Freedom!
Panther meadows in full bloom....a picture didn't capture the BEAUTY!
There is a sacred Spring there, where the Native Chiefs and Shamans would visit once a year. The Spring would talk to them. They would fast for one month from the bottom of the Mountain, making there way up to the Holy Spring.
One of the teachings I was given this summer on the Holy Mountain of Shasta was
"Honour Your Essence".
I was shown where I had judged myself...ever so slightly...
One day while in the park...Sacramento Headwaters, family gathered to enjoy the moment...some playing crystal bowls, some carving  ceremonial head dress, some constructing musical instruments for teaching purposes...all in the Holy Vibe.
I was sitting silently enjoying the tones from the bowls..
"Honour Your Essence"....I heard over and over...
after a while Grace asked me if I would like to play a bowl....
I took the mallet and began to circle the lip, in a clockwise direction...
several minutes...
Grace looked on puzzled...
I heard.."Honour Your Essence".
I paused..took a deep breath...looked both ways...and began circling the lip counterclockwise.......immediate beautiful tone.
I played for several minutes, processing 'Honour Your Essence".
I discovered places within me that had judged this.
I released it...with Love..
Now I more fully Honour My Essence~

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Amerissis~ Goddess of Light maintains a retreat in the Andes Mountains. This retreat, called the Shrine of Glory, softly radiates God-Harmony to the earth through the seven rainbow rays of God in glowing white light. Four pillars mark the portal of the Greco-atlantean structure. In the main hall, a chandelier of white diamonds hangs from the ceiling and the vibration of the retreat is so intense that noise cannot register. The light anchored therein extends to the entire planet as a web of light, goading mankind to reconnect to their original Christic consciousness. Amerissis invites us to her retreat to accelerate our personal momentum of devotion to the light and to help souls at the time of transition. She also teaches students how to overcome their three greatest stumbling stones with their three greatest strengths.

  Goddess of Light,  

 Chohan of the First Secret Ray.

"There is a Joy that you have never experienced, to your recollection, since being a child!"

"You are Light. I AM Light. All Earth will be Light - for We will bring Light to every darkness, Light to every miscreation. For I AM Light, and the Sword Excalibur that I bring to you will help to bring about the quickening of the Fire that is necessary for each of you to perform the work of the Magic. Yes the Magic, the Eye-Magic of Light. For the Light, beloved ones, will heal, will mend, will bring the Abundance that you desire.

"With the Sword Excalibur you will have the necessary tool to surgically remove from the heart all that is there that does not belong. Since you as a child walked through all of the relationships, all of the mishaps, all of the loves, all of the discouragements of the process of learning, you applied the Electrons of Light to all manner of unreality. The hurt that you have felt, fed your Electrons of Light into, and sutured to the heart -- you made a part of the heart, allowing it to rest and stay.

"As you came across the next stumbling block, you repeated it, and again and again until, before you were aware, the heart was as a barnacle covered tug - unable to move through the waters of the feeling world without disturbing or rippling the water. For you see, beloved ones, when the heart is pure, when the heart is open, it does not cause discomfort. It does not cause anger. It does not cause mistrust. It moves through the emotional plane of each one's aura with the smooth silky feel that is as sharp as the razor's edge - just like the Sword Excalibur.

"The Light from Excalibur is able to disengage those 'barnacles' one by one, but you must be willing to allow them to go, to allow them to wash down the stream into the Lake of the Violet Flame. It is not enough to know they exist. It is not enough to have dissected all aspects of the "barnacle". You need not know its size, its dimension, its color. You need not know how long it has been there. But what you do need is for the Light to move into Action, and once and for all clear the heart.

"My Flame is the White Fire. The Complement to My White Fire is the Blue Fire. When you call forth Light from the White Fire / Blue Fire Sun, and invoke Excalibur, by the Power invested in that Blue Flame and by the Precision and Purity of the Light of the White Fire, you are able to once and for all 'clear the deck', so that you are able to move freely on the screen of the Divine Plan for your lifestream.

"Each day that goes by, each week and each month that you do not perform the necessary surgery, you will find that the 'barnacles' grow. And as they grow, they become stronger and more entrenched in their home that they have made.

"There are many lifestreams who will go from one embodiment to the next carrying those 'barnacles' with them in the memory body. Those 'barnacles' will be brought out at given times when there is a similar record.

"There perhaps is another 'barnacle' that has the same color, the same size, the same intensity. And it is so like the other 'barnacle', they gravitate toward one another. For they feel comfortable and at home with one another. And there is a sense, a false sense, beloved hearts, of an unreality. This unreality that would guide your every footstep, would guide your decisions, would guide your feeling world.

"It is true. Many have forgotten how to trust the heart. For they have made many errors in discernmnt because of the old 'barnacles' in the memory body reacting instead of being transmuted, instead of being placed in the Sea of Violet Flame where they would be no more.

"As you have walked your Path, there have been many lifestreams that have come in touch with your heart. But how many have actually felt the Heart of your Life? Can you honestly say that there are those who honestly know what is in your heart? Have you mused upon the concept that no one knows you, that you are misunderstood, that your intention was different than perceived? Could it be the 'barnacles'? Could it be the records that have been so in the front of your consciousness - vibrating through your feeling world and the emotional body - that this is what your co-workers on the Path have perceived? If you continue to hear a resounding confirmation, time and time again, of a certain pattern, do you not think it would be wise to investigate the emanation of your aura - to consider that you are not giving enough Violet Flame?

"It is possible, beloved ones, that with application to the Violet Flame daily, your aura can be so filled with the Violet Flame, that even the remaining 'barnacles' that need work will not be perceived. For those lifestreams that you come in contact with, those other records, those riptides, those energy fields that would normally have caused a tornado or a hurricane in your emotional body, will not be able to touch even the 'barnacles'.

"As you continue to give that Violet Flame and apply the Sword Excalibur with Its precision accuracy, you will be able to release one by one each of the 'barnacles' - till one morning you will wake and you will find that it is a New Day. You are breathing freely. There is no sense of struggle in stepping forward into the activities of the day. There is a Joy that you have never experienced, to your recollection, since being a child! . . . "

Amerissis~Goddess Of Light
Equinox September 22~ 11:09 PM~ EST

I am here to share~
Plant Medicine~
Body Electronics~

I have slept with these Great Horned Owl wings for 5 years~
Today they asked to come out

Blessed Equinox
Yin/Yang Perfect Balance

Sacred Balance Of Woman/Man

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Body Electronics Students~
For those of you preparing for Octobers event,
I am 'offline', from September 17th through October 4th.
Blessed Equinox to all...

I am in Ceremony September 22nd~
All are welcome in Spirit.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Mother~
Filtered through Illia~
 The elemental chart that human beings are familiar with is about to change.
 These elements are what the human bodies are made of, so as the 
common elements go through biological transmutation and change so does the human body.

 Our Nature is always changing, but it has been happening so slowly, so gracefully...

 Sometimes there is a quickening...this is what you are feeling....

 During a 'quickening' consciousness is rapidly changing.

 Consciousness is after all our 'great connection to ALL THAT IS'.
 Consciousness is so complex....we partially understand some of the mapping done here on Earth, mind, emotion, spirit, soul, held by body.

These understandings are rapidly changing as we open to see more, feel more, and as they do some of our beliefs/ideas are challenged. 

This Earth plane has held the magnetics resonant to your soul.
Many now have been given visions that became prophesy.
As we move together in change, we are challenged to 'put down our swords'.
Some may say, 'i do not hurt others', as this part of consciousness is concealed in a very hidden place.
Look within, BE a BEING with no hidden places.
LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY, HARMONY, TRUST, TRUTH are natural and in never ending abundance when this is so.
The Light we so often speak of, ALREADY IS.
We need not create it, nor defend it.

Monday, September 13, 2010

For all in the Fredericton NB area....you are welcome to attend this Potluck.

This pink sunset of Mount Shasta!
Watching the sun set in Crystal(Castle) Lake!

New meetings..Love in the park....

Thursday, September 09, 2010

If you are in the Fredericton/Moncton area of New Brunswick
go experience the Magic of Scott! 
Scott's playing in Fredericton on the  25th!
If I

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Part of me is still in the volcanic Castle Lake....

Dreamtime took me to a place where everything glowed bluish purple and people were working together to move into greater and greater conscious freedom.
As I processed it today the words
dependent independent and interdependent kept coming to mind.

We worked together as a whole, by that I mean as one person remembered/had a realization the others would recognize and celebrate.....as if they new all along....but didn't let on....no pressure...no timeline...no agenda...
It is a interdependent group.
Supporting each others independence.
We looked to no one outside of ourselves.
Yet, we were truly changed with each others individual process.
All is a celebration.
Morphogenic resonance....
we LOVE being together....it is natural....
like family without issues.
LOVE the Blue People!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Body Electronics Pointholding Event
October 22-25

Petrolia Ontario Canada

Preregistration required~
e-mail Illia @ 
for more details.


Friday, September 03, 2010

A life shift/growth as we move our beautiful daughter Sarah to Guelph University where she will begin her degree in Arts.
Blessing upon Blessings for her happiness.