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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Justification Purification Sanctification

Justification Purification
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Dependence Independence

ALL experience on earth is an interplay with the emotional body. I am using an emotional construct from Tibet that has been studied and experienced by thousands involved in Body Electronics over several decades.

Some symptoms of justification include blame, projection on the outer environment, feeling as life is happening to us. This is a manifestation of the emotional body from unconsciousness, apathy and grief.

When we choose consciously to move through the emotional body we begin the purification process. Transmutation~ We begin where we are emotionally.
 49 main levels exist, 7 levels within seven levels.
Unconsciousness, apathy, grief, fear, anger, pain and enthusiasm (love).
When fear is felt enthusiastically, the real fun begins! From fear we begin to recognise we have choice.

Here with Enthusiasm/Love we embrace soul wounds and do our best to forgive and love all things. 
Enthusiasm is the Crowning Glory at the top of each emotional level within ALL 7 levels, Enthusiasm/Love being the 7th level.

Unconsciousness, Apathy, Grief, Fear, Anger and Pain felt with Love/Enthusiasm SIMULTANEOUSLY moves this energy out of the physical and emotional bodies.

Upon this diligent movement through Love, we find ourselves accessing the mental body where dualism in thought forms exist.
In my experience when I moved through the emotional body and began consciously accessing the mental body, realization we are ALL interconnected engaged the natural evolution of sanctification.
What each of us do we do for the Whole, all is morphgenetically effected. This effect is in relation to conscious awareness. The less aware we are..the less power/effect we have. Perfection!!
 Awareness is ONLY possible through LOVE.
When present in the mental body and the patterns therein, the transmutaional 'laws' change.
Where in the emotional body Forgiveness and Love are the Powers of change, in the mental body the Power is of increasing Light frequency (expanded awareness).

Light frequency is seen and felt in many ways. When I first began bringing the dualities into harmonic frequency within, I engaged the Violet Fire, which I saw moving through me from the bottom up, sometimes condensed like a blow torch, sometimes in a tube of light surrounding my body and auric field.
The loving focus held increases the vibration and awareness opens further .

One of the side effects of this movement, was the increased awareness of others emotional and mental presence.

Eventually I realized to embrace the 'others' feelings and patterns, not try to change it in any way, to hold an energy of Love for myself and the other in our individual and collective process.
This is where sanctification begins.

There is no arrival, only a continuous flow of universal energy that we have the enjoyment of experiencing.

Humour and Gratitude are my best companions.