IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Monday, August 30, 2010

2012 The Prophecies from The Heart 1-8

Please listen to the pronunciation of the name Drunvalo.
This is subtle and important.
Dru as in Druid.
We are ALL Melchizedek consciousness when we make this choice to traverse these layers of consciousness....we are ALL Christ consciousness when we make this choice. We are ALL the Supreme consciousness as we enter the multitudinous layers of Oneness.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Illia and Jane Brown~ Harrisburg PA 2006

 Jane and I talked on the phone last evening into the early morning hours.
Jane is the walking definition for diligence.
Those of you who have been at my events know stories of Jane, but for those of you who have not.....she began in B.E. in the 70's. 
She went to Woodrose on Maui in the 80's and is present with the teachings ALL the time.
Looking for whatever arrises for transmutation!
and she does this in deep humility!
Amazing really..
I love her so much as a human being... laughing together til tears flow.......
schweitzer shooters....
I remember a session a few years back......I had uncovered a good ol burning at the stake memory......she was right in there facilitating like a hawk.
I Love you Jane!

Friday, August 27, 2010

EVERYTHING ~~from the inside out.
When energy vibrates we attract or repel. Magnetics
at least this is how it has been since we fell into the dualistic life of creating through the mind.
Words, emotion and thought are all from mind and are all dualistic. Body Electronics is a practice of uncreating mind.

We now are reaching the place where we experience Unified Energy~ Heart~ we all deeply want to go back there. The Energy Grid for this to occur is Present in Unity Consciousness~
This is the natural expression of LOVE.....yet to get there requires we release all resistance to LIFE.
mmmm OK I'll keep working....
Where trying is present.....resistance rules.
Natural unfoldment....finding the places within.....patterns....transmuting.....LOVE

The Beloved ~IN our Heart is Present in  Surrender in Pure Trust~

The Number of the Mount Shasta Time was 111
..the Theme was Sacred Relationship between Woman and Man.
...I met a beautiful woman named Gayla D'Gaia who shared her beautiful template that she holds for the coming together of the Beloveds.
 A family reunion as well as additions to the family were enjoyed.
 Harmony had spent several weeks on the Mountain 'praying gratitude' before we arrived. He has now made his way back to Sedona.
 I am so grateful for the Sacred Water that gives so freely to all who partake at the Sacramento Headwaters. 

Heart is open and Love is Flowing

Full Alignment in our little pond.....

Back from the Sacred Volcano~Mount Shasta
this is taken from Panther Meadows now in full bloom....exquisite!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010


B.E. Students~
As pointholding progresses.....we move from transmutation of emotion to discovering dualities and encompassing to literally remove them from the DNA structure.
Moving to 'trying' to find dualities is a waste of time.
Work with what you find.....the emotional body is the ladder to the mental body....it can not be skipped. The mind sometimes wants to jump ahead, especially if we see someone else finding dualities and the competition pattern emerges.
Work with what you find....feel.
Naturally you will go upscale through the emotional body, naturally you will reach the mental body. Forcing the process delays it.

Blessings to all you diligent pointholders!