IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Monday, May 28, 2012

I Surrender to the Higher Aspects of Myself~
The Earth The Sun The Planets the Stars
The Beings OF Love who assist in ALL Time

As Time and Space IS experienced In Love, In
Non Resistance, a Truth resisted Truth becomes apparent.
When this does, One must be ever vigilent, ever aware to BE steadfastly willing, loving and keep our sense of Humour.

Moving Gracefully in more inclusive aspects of Light, requires a expansion of Love.

Simple yet not always easy...

Gratitude for WHAT IS, is a opening.
No matter what the WHAT IS looks like, or feels like.

Ever expanding Love, Beauty, Peace, Trust, Truth in Harmony, this IS the Stargate Qualities of the Beings of Orion's Central Sun. The Birthplace of Earth.

Blessed BE

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Remembering~ Honouring
ALL Body Electronics Instructors

If one made it through to be a B.E. Instructor it means to have made it through the flow sheet into Cranial Electronics.

From here we get to choose a V&C if we are so Blessed~

Those of us who have chosen to commit to such a degree, I bow in Gratitude~

The Berlin wall came down when one of us managed to traverse the TSCW...we know who we are....
no need for fan fare~ no, but thanks!

In Honour In Love In Gratitude

Thankyou John where ever You Are~

Physical law precedes Emotional law, which precedes mental law. Mental law precedes Spiritual law.
In this way we navigate through our own creations leaving no stone unturned.

 Healing occurs when thought, emotion and corresponding words are brought to Love.