IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Mother~
Filtered through Illia~
 The elemental chart that human beings are familiar with is about to change.
 These elements are what the human bodies are made of, so as the 
common elements go through biological transmutation and change so does the human body.

 Our Nature is always changing, but it has been happening so slowly, so gracefully...

 Sometimes there is a quickening...this is what you are feeling....

 During a 'quickening' consciousness is rapidly changing.

 Consciousness is after all our 'great connection to ALL THAT IS'.
 Consciousness is so complex....we partially understand some of the mapping done here on Earth, mind, emotion, spirit, soul, held by body.

These understandings are rapidly changing as we open to see more, feel more, and as they do some of our beliefs/ideas are challenged. 

This Earth plane has held the magnetics resonant to your soul.
Many now have been given visions that became prophesy.
As we move together in change, we are challenged to 'put down our swords'.
Some may say, 'i do not hurt others', as this part of consciousness is concealed in a very hidden place.
Look within, BE a BEING with no hidden places.
LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY, HARMONY, TRUST, TRUTH are natural and in never ending abundance when this is so.
The Light we so often speak of, ALREADY IS.
We need not create it, nor defend it.