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IAO Valley Maui
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Friday, September 24, 2010

Conscious Sacred relationship~
By relationship I am speaking of the feminine/masculine intimite relationship.

When two people have transmuted/cleared and hold that clarity in their emotional and mental bodies...to see the light of day .....so to speak,
then they may choose to hold the intent of sharing with another.
Prior to this, the relationship intent can hold the process of triggering one another for the purpose of bringing resistance to the surface to be dealt with. Compassion for one another is key in this situation.
We can choose to change the intent which of course directly changes the outcome.

So we've 'done our work', and now have some mastery in the emotional/mental bodies.
Sexual energy and Kundalini run freely.
Then when two people come together and connect and combine their energies, the world is changed by their Love.

There is alot of talk of Goddess now.
Let's first define.
A Goddess (here on this planet), is a being who has previously ascended, and has now decended for a specific purpose/mission for the assisiance of ALL here on planet Earth....from the precious rocks, plants, ALL that IS.
There is also alot of talk within spiritual circles regarding service to the Goddess (as an outward expression).

A Goddess does not require 'service', nor does she demand it.
The Goddess is here to serve/teach, so humanity can Realize the powerful Beings they ARE.
The Truth that comes through ALL Goddesses, is the same although the presentation may differ.
Yes, this is a time in our evolution, where evolution ceases.
Evolution is a slow, natural process...where we learn and grow.
When ripeness is present we receive assistance from Beings who have mastered the ascension process.
All is perfect, all is Divine.