IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleeping with the Redwoods, Avenue of the Giants, California.

We spent several days basking by the river, and exquisite nights sleeping on the ground under these Beauties.
At the mere thought of them, I connect with their great wisdom.
Biological transmutation, this is an attribute of nature, it goes unseen....
Some scientist have noticed this, Louis Kervan wrote a book on his observation called Biological Transmutation.
It is happening within us, and around us ALL the time.
To take one thing, and make something completely different with it.
Our humble and Powerful Earth Mother together with the Universal energy, provide us with a playground of infinite possibility.
I recall a few years back when we became aware of dying Lakes and we named/blamed 'acid rain'. Scientist said it would take several decades for these 'dead' Lakes to come back to life.
Yet, through unexplainable biological transmutation these Lakes are thriving...some showing signs of change in mere months.
We project our own level of emotionality onto the Mother, if we are in grief or lower we see her as victim. 
Fear, we see the Mother as fearful, anger...she is vengeful....weather is often portrayed this way...or volcano activity...
The Mother has a FULLY transmuted emotional body, and is fully connected with Universal energies so that we may find our own power here...this is how great her LOVE.
Nothing is ever lost or destroyed, she showed me this several years ago when I was coming through grief.
Recycled, renewed...yes....never lost.
By accepting personal responsibility and transmuting our own personal emotion body, 
projections become less and less and connectedness becomes more and more.
We have the POWER!