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IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Man vs. Nature

This is a human pattern, that spiders out in many directions.
When we do not have control internally, we seek to project it externally.

I've been seeing how the gulf oil situation is a perfect display of this.

Man can not have control over the Mother.........temporarily we play with these things only to learn.

The only 'way' that harmony can exist with the Mother is to know her, and be ONE with her....she/we are so powerful.

The answers to the energy issues we create, are through her...
we can begin by forgiving ourselves for our involvement in the current oil/gas industry.
There is almost no one on the planet this does not include.
In a co-operative loving way of living.. oil and gas is not the energy used to live.

In this area where I live wind turbines are being used....this is just another example of attempting to have control through manipulation of the outer environment....it is not the answer.
Again, begin with self forgiveness...and we move into a new consciousness where Love powers ALL.