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IAO Valley Maui
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Friday, June 10, 2011

Bad-Badder-Baddest Duality

Trying-giving up are side effects of
'not good enough-good enough', a foundational duality in which human consciousness has operated.

 Inferiority-superiority....better or worse....

 Projecting an idea onto our environment!
 Judging others, and ourselves by persecuting or putting something or someone (or self) on a pedestal.
 To condemn, criticize, compare and or  aggrandize.
We may try to hide that we feel we are not good enough....or try to show others how they are not good enough.....

 Love and Forgiveness

If we find ourselves not having to try and it feels uncomfortable RELAX....enjoy

 Do not be fooled by the presence of apathy (not caring or giving up...or moving on..our patterns move on with us)....

I go to the writings of John Ray, from the 10 steps to perfection...that were given by the being known as Jesus.... 
`Responsibility is the qualities of perfection appropriately applied individully...as we love, communicate...and create while we dance the dance of Life`

When we are willing to feel all...and its Perfectly OK...This is Enthusiasm- God Presence

Enjoy it ALL!

For those with ears to hear..let them hear...
with eye to see...them them See