IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Friday, June 24, 2011

Empathy and Sympathy
lets define~
 True empathy is the ability to see/feel anothers perspective....without adding any of our own personal patterns...emotion...etc.
Sympathy is projecting an understanding of another by our personal perspective...which may or may not be accurate (most likely not)....with an emotional overlay.
In Body Electronics we discover the emotional complexities in the 7x7 or 49 emotional tone scale, as we experience and unfold them....through the willing application of the laws of Love Light and Perfection.

In practical experience with others, becoming consciously aware of patterns of behavior both with self and others.......by being perfectly ok to view the other exactly how they are...with out the need to change....make bad/wrong.....letting them BE.
Simultaneous to this...observing our own feelings reactions...etc. and being perfectly ok with how it feels...no need to change it...make it bad/wrong....loving and willingly feeling/experiencing.....allowing ALL to come into natural harmony.
As we continue on the upscale emotional movement enthusiastically, we discover deepening compassion..until no compassion is necessary.
Spirit and Nature Dancing Together~