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IAO Valley Maui
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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The moment we see/feel anything less than love/perfection in ourself or another... the other/self receives this energy, whether it is verbalized/externalized or not. If resistance (vibrating in the judgment pattern) is present within the other, reactivity is felt, and if one does not see this as an opportunity to change consciousness,
a counter projection can form and we create a cycle.
This cycling of mirrors, may be released by the transmutation of the judgement pattern that exists within consciousness, along with the past creations of memory, word and emotion associated with the pattern, with Unconditional LOVE and Unconditional Forgiveness.
Holding Gratitude upon awareness of this energy, recognizing this as an opportunity is paramount...yet not always easy.

When we become aware of seeing/feeling imperfections (from the first position of projecting...or the second position of receiving), rest assured this energy exists within if reactivity is present (it may be mostly unconscious, like an iceburg)...either exactly how it is being presented, or opposite to what is presented or a tiny bit left of either....all is asking to be released by the conscious awareness of the pattern and/or by attracting the catalyst.
I prefer to ask within, and receive and
release the pattern prior to the manifestation in form.

Seeking to change it by covering it over with further untruths...self medication (tobacco, alcohol, recreational drugs, excessive exercise, caffeine, sugar etc.) 
affirmation...pretend love/light etc. can suppress for a while. Giving up substance/notions that has assisted in suppression and incorporating the B.E. nutritional program ensures a rapid movement in an ascensional progression.
When we observe/find reactivity we then look
more deeply within...find how it feels, and LOVE THAT.
All that reacts to less than love resides within.
If we can not love what we find within...too painful...etc., then see how we really feel about it.
We may feel dissapointed we are feeling anger, so feel how much you can love being dissapointed....with persistance all is revealed.
Finding the words, a memory and emotion simultaneously while FEELING Forgiveness for self and others...LOVINGly encompassing, we transmute
 anything less than LOVE.

 We see in perfection.
We observe and participate appropriately.
Response Ability~