IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, April 16, 2011

I have lived on the shores of Lake Huron most of my life...
every spring I am awed at the transmutational power of the Earth. The water is again clear and brimming with chi.
The air moving the water toward the shore with the North wind in the last days...has been louder than i have heard before....it has been roaring...beautiful.

As physical bodies expressing the Potential, we learn here to embrace and embody all this Nature has to offer.
As we hear about and sense the invisable nuclear waste that is presently being dumped into the ocean in Japan, and is now in the air, entire eco system of the whole planet...we can truly say we are now in the same boat.
My eldest son asked last evening 'what do we do to change the energy source from atomic to something compatible to Life.'
he is 23 and is ready and willing to take to the streets...anyone else willing??
I see the entire global family who knows the implecations of the destruction of molecular structure...RISE UP...and express lovingly and willingly...WE Love OUR Mother!
My life has been a evolution of getting to know the Mother as myself.
We are HER and SHE is US!
We have been given plenty of opportunities to learn how to LOVE...
Now we MUST
Love all as ourself,
as we are interconnected in all ways...
SHUT DOWN ALL REACTORS SAFELY...and ASK FORGIVENESS for the waste we have already created with our ignorance..and apathy...
I CHOOSE LIFE....with EARTH in a perfect harmonious LOVE.

As we unfold in this Love, please give the body some extra iodine...in kelp, clorella....as the algaes of the earth can not be harvested for a long time due to the job they are doing...absorbing the radioactive iodines....being emitted.
Due the research...the thyroid requires new iodine every 24 hours or so..to keep it at its maximum capacity...so as not to absorb radioactive iodines from the environment...air water etc.