IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Geographical Pointholding~
(this one's for you David)
 Every Body Electronics Pointholding event I have held has demonstrated the immediate effects of pointholding (or should I say the effects of the healing crisis, and  transmutation/application)
on a geographical area. Where the perimeters are i expect depend on the particular event, participants, ( not quantity)
and the location itself. In Truth, it is 'As above, so below'. (everywhere everywhen). yet it is interesting to observe the 'local' effects.
In my veiw Body Electronics Instructors have many responsibilities, requiring a bag of tools.
I see how all the teachings I have participated in are active for each event.
One of the important tools is prayer (for all you aspiring Instructor's)
When I decide on a event including its location it is done with prayer. Prayer (LIS-Book 1) speaks of how prayer changes as the emotional body is transmuted and moves upscale.
Ask, Seek and Knock....
Pray ~
Be active in preparation ~
Willingness to enter ~
In 2011, I am preparing for anyone interested in studying to 'be' a Pointholding group leader.
Cranial Electronics will be a prerequisite, and a second Cranial will be part of the 'course'.
My definition of a B.E. Veteran is someone who was willing to return for the second Cranial.
Where and when is yet to be seen.