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IAO Valley Maui
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What is Love?

What is Light?

How is Love/ Light experienced?

The answers can be found within the heart yet one must go through the emotional body to get there.
ALL the emotions!
Especially the feelings we would rather NOT feel. 
 Pharmaceutical companies are raking in trillions on this program.
Feel WHAT you feel WITH Love
If you can not access love, then access the energy of forgiveness....encompass the uncomfortable feeling with this energy,
then find the energy of Love....allow this to move in through and around you,
This is a very simplified example of moving/transmuting emotion. By doing this we continue to unravel the stored memory, with its emotional content, word patterns, and live ever more free.
Begin by LOVINGLY and WILLINGLY endure ALL THINGS in our environment...after all we created it.....by doing this we move into greater non-resistance....and the movement inward toward the ONE LOVE, where we live in harmony....Bliss
There is no shortcut to the Source of our Being as far as I know...

As we move upscale from unconsciousness to enthusiasm and everything in between the intensity/awareness increases and so does the access to the ever popular sisters,
Love and Light~