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IAO Valley Maui
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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holistic Solutions
to the government (world order)'secret operation' to spray chemicals by air....resulting in what is known as chemtrails.

I have been aware of this covert operation for several years, yet in the recent weeks I have seen an increase in the spraying. I wake early when the sky is dark, and I look for the moon and few stars and planets I can identify. In the early moning hours the spraying begins, then by sunrise the sky is striped. I am very concerned for human and all life forms.
Rosalind Peterson from California has comprehensive studies and on youtube very informative video.
We know some of the chemicals that are being sprayed on us....

So we know we are being ststematically poisoned...and the people who are organizing and implementing this covert action may not hide behind the insult of an explaination that this is weather control experiments....quite simply, if this were true they would not be directing it at areas of human populous only.

OK so we know that a 'world order' is directing the poisoning of humankind.
What can we do?

Physically we keep our bodies strong...immune strong...by eating organic...raw...wholesome REAL food..(if you can find it), and supplement with natural minerals... www.enzymesinternational.com
is a grassroots company with quality!

Emotionally we can be aware of what is actually happening, and BE in a forgiving energy. I didn't say complacent.

Mentally we can root out the old belief systems of dependence and powerlessness....and LIVE our truth..our power..our presence.

Spiritually we can SEE the world of LOVE, PEACE, BEAUTY, TRUST, HARMONY, TRUTH...In Reverence for ALL Life.
as our 'enemies' become our liberators..