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IAO Valley Maui
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Monday, October 24, 2011

Today I remembered a dentist on who I was holding points...about 10 years ago..his name was Bob..he had the realization of the harm he had caused by putting mercury amalgams into peoples mouths. Afterward he changed his entire pratice to a holistic one...and offered his patients free removal of the silver fillings he had put in.....now this seems simple...but is actually a huge undertaking as the holistic dentists who offer their lives to the removal of these poisons are at high risk.
My friend Ryan Schroeder holistic dentist extrordinaire.....spent his professional life educating his patients...and removing mercury that other less aware dentists had put in. I recall a conversation i had with him about how careful he was with the proper disposal of mercury....and his consern for his staff and his pets. he told me that he had a procedure where he and his staff would put clean greens on brought in by a professional cleaner....and remove all clothing into a sealed container before leaving each day...he would shower immediately upon arriving home....
even though all precautions were taken..he was very aware of the risks...and was willing to take them in his dedication to his passion.
Thank you to all the dentists who are dedicated to this.