IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Healing becomes an interesting paradox....seeming condradiction....when consciousness Knows all is Divine order....
Duality is a dance of Blessing....
our emotional body..particularly pain....
allows us to feel the places where we may choose change.
This is called Healing.
Loving the places we once were either unaware of, or experiencing reality that does not serve the Whole.
In the Healing potential Earth Mother provides a beautiful playground for this change.
In September I am holding an event out in Nature for the potentialities of deep inner healing/consciousness change, somewhere in North America.....possibly Alberta Canada...I will share geographic details as they become clear to me.
I am asking those who feel the call to attend to come with as little expectation as possible....as the event will not be formatted,
 opening into Heart.
to be further informed of details.