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IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, May 07, 2011


As we grow ever more conscious, I'm reminded to take it back to basics...
transmutation of the emotional....then mental bodies...
to do this efficiently all three creative aspects are held simultaneously...consciously.

Words(sound/vibration), Sensory 'memory' (visual, auditory, sense/touch), and emotion.

By holding these aspects of our creation lovingly and willingly.....applying the energy of forgiveness where required....encompassing ALL with Love, we melt the resistance held in our individual consciousness....and the universe changes accordingly.

All in gratitude...for the experience...
This is called the Law of Love as it is applied to the emotional body.
To give the emotional body a construct we use a Tibetan model, of 7x7.
Seven levels within seven levels.

Unconsciousness~ level 7~ gonads
Apathy~ level 6~ spleen
Grief~ level 5~ pancreas/adrenals
Fear~ level 4~ heart
Anger~ level 3~ thyroid
Pain~ level 2~ pituitary
Enthusiasm~ level 1~ pineal

What happens when we embrace and enjoy pain....or anger...or fear...or....?
It ceases to exist!
Sometimes in a flash...sometimes it takes a while....
Feeling the feeling with LOVE....
not love instead of the feeling....as this is avoidance (denial).

As we supply the physical body with the essential nutrients, we begin to reboot the entire energetic system as we clean up the resistances (judgement patterns) in consciousness.....we may have held for eons...

When we get to a certain clarity in the emotional body through lovingly and willingly wading through from level 7 on up....we eventually experience emotional pain....at which point we unlock the mental body...opening to the playground of creation.
Seeing both sides.....we clearly see duality...and the explosion of possibilities.
Here the Law of Light applies.
Holding both sides of a duality in equal esteem....we see/feel/apply the Loving Light...
some people see it as a violet flame..or flash...or spiralling....however it IS in the moment.
Here we begin our mastery.