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IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, March 05, 2011

I ran across this on line....the teaching of

Body Electronics is a class all of it's own.

Dr. Douglas Morrison N.D. Ph.D. (Harvard) 

“What you resist will persist”. 
Embrace the power and light to heal from within through Body


Body Electronics is a unique system of self healing beginning with 

nutrient saturation through diet and supplementation, a


method of sustained acupressure, and the understanding and

application of the principles governing the physical,

emotional and

mental bodies. It was developed over the past fifty years by

the late Dr. John Whitman Ray ND PhD MD(MA). One of the

basic principles is that the physical body is but the outer

manifestation or reflection of inner consciousness. The


conditions arising on the outer are simply reflections of what

already exists on the inner in patterns of thought, word, and

emotion. When thought, word and emotion are held in a

continual state of creation (whether consciously by choice or

unconsciously through our resistance), they will eventually

come into manifestation in the outer. "What you resist will


No true permanent physical healing can occur without a change

of consciousness. If the underlying patterns are not


then any other changes will be only temporary. The outer

symptoms will eventually reappear if the inner causes remain



How We Heal, the most recent book by Dr. Morrison illuminates

the fundamentals of healing. The restoration of nerve supply

and circulation, the renewal of full endocrine function, the

regeneration of damaged or absent tissue, the reduction or


of abnormal tissue, the overcoming of all manner of disease

conditions, the release of physical and emotional trauma, the

liberation of the heart, mind and spirit are all possible and

have been achieved through the correct application of Body

Electronics, truly “the Science of Bodily Regeneration”.