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IAO Valley Maui
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

for the Body Electronics enthusiast!

Anger is where we discover power and control.
First covert, then we poke our little heads out to see if we can engage in a little overt anger.
When someone bites, yes! we got our worthy opponant.

The problem lies in staying here too long, and not fessing up to a grander level of responsibility, in good old fashioned pain.
What happens when we admit our responsilility in our self created, albeit enthusiastic jousting in anger and begin to LOVE IT, yes, LOVE ANGER?
The penny hits the floor, and we find ourself feeling....PAIN.
Realization in enthusiastic pain, is amazing.
We begin...and I mean begin.....to see not only our own point of view (sometimes held for centuries), but to SEE/FEEL anothers!
Imagine....releasing anger evolves into expansion of consciousness....who knew?
So come on up all you angry lovers of life....and feel the humility that pain has to offer....it's a deal you can not pass up....
or over...
let's see how a little anger transmutation has on the global family..
next thing we know....world leaders are embracing their pain, the pain of the people they are leading...and there are no more wars....no more competition...
no more covert action...
no more secrecy..
OPEN HONEST COMMUNICATION...between all people....nations.....families....partners....
I have a DREAM