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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Emotional Transformation


Endocrine System in relation to emotional body~

Unconsciousness resonates with reproductive organs, by opening the energy here and releasing discord, one moves into more sensitive and healthy sexual expression.

Apathy resonates with spleen~ blood and immune response.

Grief with pancreas/adrenals~ hormones of adrenalin and insulin. 

Fear with heart/thymus~ circulation, blood pressure. 

Anger with thyroid~ metabolism.

 Pain with pituitary~ growth, intuition.

Enthusiasm resonates with the pineal gland.
Creativity, spiritual awareness.

For people in driving distance of Sarnia ON Canada,
 one hour from London ON or Detroit Michigan     

Holistic Acupressure for Emotional Transformation
~with Illia Lang
@ Isis Organic Day Spa
 Wyoming ON

These sessions are excellent for emotional release, that facilitates excellent health and vitality.
Emotion is held in a continual state of creation. Pain, anger, fear, grief and apathy settle into muscles, organs, nervous system etc. and contribute to many forms of discord in the body.
By releasing what is being 'held' one moves through this assisting in restoring natural balance.

$50 per hour: each session is usually 1 1/2 hrs.
with sauna 2 hours.

These sessions are based on the principles of Body Electronics and Ayurvedic Acupressure.
E-mail bodyelectronics1@yahoo.ca for appointment.

 Holistic Counseling 
~with Illia Lang
@ Bluewater Nutrition and Health

 These sessions are 1 hour, providing time to discuss effective tools that contribute to a healthy holistic life.  Physical methods for optimum vitality, that include nutrition, supplementation, herbal support, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual practices, such as Body Electronics, Ayurveda and Yogic disciplines are Illia's areas of expertise. 
$50 per hour
For those outside of driving distance, these sessions are offered by telephone.

Illia holds a degree in Ayurveda, and is a Body Electronics Instructor teaching internationally.