IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sedona~ Thunder Mountain and Oak Creek Canyon (meant to inspire you to bring your walking shoes)

Back from the beach....
Seven days to connect in with the Mother through her ocean, her soft sand and her warm breeze. I felt the Love and was filled.

Now focusing on Sedona~

 It is now time to step up the minerals, if you have not done so already. By doing so well in advance it makes for an easier experience during the event, as some of the physical cleansing has taken place.

We are welcome at Grace Grove after 5:00 on May 4th.
This gives time for a good rest before we begin at 9:00AM on the 5th.

There is a fully equipped raw kitchen, and we are welcome to use all of the appliances. Grace Grove is vegetarian.

On the first day we will discover who would like to participate in communal lunches, and will organize the purchase of food at the health food store in Cottonwood (Mount Hope).

 Most people go to town (Sedona) for dinner, or prepare their own. There are so many great choices, Delish....or the Thai Spices are two favourites in the west end.

 Please bring shoes to walk on the sacred Red Rocks.
There are trailheads where parking is convenient, and you can hike to your ability to do so. I suggest beginning at Thunder Mountain (Sugerloaf trailhead) and then to Cathedral Rock, on to Bell Rock, and then out to Boyington Canyon. Balancing the Female/Male energies...you'll see what I mean.....
If you love to discover ancient ruins, Pilakti is amazing!
There are maps in every shop in town.

Enjoy everything Sedona has to offer, especially the intensified magnetic energies that assist in bringing forth suppressed emotion.
We will begin each day at 9, and will complete about 5, giving time in the evenings to be outside. This is a beautiful time of year in Arizona. I expect mid 80's through the day, cooling in the evenings.

Rose and Illia at Thunder Mountain

Buddist Stuppa~ West end Sedona