IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

High Lights Sedona Spring 2010
 Aeron Zach and I witnessed the Eagles on the second day of our 22 day adventure....I have heard and read of mating Eagles yet had not been present for the experience til then.....they soared straight down spiralling together in the Dance.
The Energy was felt to move through me from the top down going directly into the Earth.
After 20 minutes or so they disappeared in an instant.
The Eagle stayed with us through out the time there....we listened to the Eagle Dance as we drove....and on the last day as the B.E. event concluded one Eagle hovered above, then  powerfully swooping down to the car upon our leaving Grace Grove....in a big gratitude energy.
Thank you Eagle!
There is more than we know.....assisting in every moment.
Thank you also to Harmony who kept us grounded in Animal Medicine.
Mountain Lion~ Teacher
Turkey~Give Away
and Buffalo~Abundance and Prayer

Thank you to the Sweat Lodge Leaders
Thank you to participants of the Body Electronics Event.

Thank you to the Mother for Everything!