IAO Valley Maui

IAO Valley Maui
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Friday, January 11, 2008

I saved these two symbols from my previous site design.

The Star Tetrahedron, became important to me after reading the White Eagle books.

This led to several years of attending Drunvalo Melchizedek's events, where developing and activating one's own Light Body/Merkaba is integral to the Star Tetrahedron.

After reading The Ancient Secret of the Flower Of Life, Vol 1/2, by Drunvalo, I began to remember the importance of geometry in the decension and ascension process of this spiraling life cycle. "The Flower Of Life contains everything in this dimension", says Drunvalo.

When I studied this further, internally, I began to see the nested geometries involved that are completely encompassed within the Flower Of Life, in a third dimensional way, and how they connect to each other.

Each of the geometric patterns are directly connected to the elements we are familiar with here on Earth. This is taught by Drunvalo in his Earth/Sky- Living in the Heart Workshops.