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IAO Valley Maui
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Saturday, August 04, 2007

There are several 'old ways' that are no longer necessary in this upgraded 'Energy' we are ALL experiencing now on Planet Earth.
I will list a few I am presently aware of.

1. Worship. The need for hierarchy...someone to tell us what to do, or to forgive our sins or tell us how and when to communicate with Spirit....
We humans are equal in every way.
Yes, easier said than realized, because we are still holding to some degree the programming that holds our mind and emotions clinging to the past. Do we still resonate with the savior idea or the messiah complex in some way? Love it FREE.

2. Self Sacrifice~ Love it FREE

3. Manipulation~ The two main areas we have implemented manipulation is with the Energy of money and sex.
Be honest with ourselves and see where we still perpetuate this in our lives. Love it FREE

4. Magic and healing~ We love the idea that we effect.......our environment, others, the world, the galaxy, the universe....the DVD...'the secret' proves this....(oh by the way , it was never a secret, our environments have always been a reflection of what we are) .. we love the idea WE CAN CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Why? maybe we feel we have no control, so we seek methods that show us in some way we just may be in control after all, or we feel we are in control and seek to maintain this.
Magic is an interesting form of control, first determination, is it control over something other than our self? Do we want to HEAL something or someone?
Turn it inward, HEAL THYSELF.
Magic is sometimes used as a form of protection, to ward off something or someone we cannot yet LOVE. LOVE IT FREE
Magic is mind, I am not saying it doesn't exist or isn't powerful (in a limited way) but it is mind manipulation, the dualistic poles seeking to control external environment.
Love it Free

OK, these are but a few programs we can become more aware of within our own consciousness. Feel WHAT you feel WITH Love.